No software. No hardware. No complications.
A cloud service for archiving and storing your mails.

eARCHIVE is a cloud-based archiving service able to backup and store all your mails automatically.
You may access to your archive through a user-friendly web interface, perform a search and restore your mails.
Have you accidentally deleted your mail?
Archive your communications forever, improve the efficiency and safety of your business.

  • Why eARCHIVE?

    eARCHIVE is a backup of all your mails in case of problems with your computer or your email address.

    eARCHIVE allows to perform quick and targeted searches through all your emails, as it indexes your messages in an efficient and high-performance database.

    eARCHIVE is an additional container of your mailbox.

    eARCHIVE is a rescue tool in case of accidental deletion of emails.

    eARCHIVE automatically increases the performance of your mailbox.

  • Organized

    All the e-mail messages are collected in folders divided both by months and by years.

    Email messages can be searched by date, sender, recipient, subject, and content.

    You may perform a search through emails deleted from your mailbox.

    Emails recovered from the archive can be sent to your mailbox or other recipients as an attachment.

  • Reliable

    eARCHIVE is stored in Multiple Data Center and all your data is managed only by you.

    All email messages are stored in redundant systems.

  • Flexible

    It may be activated on each mailbox without any changes to your mail.

    Free app for iPhone and Android.

    Scalable and configurable in line with your needs.

  • Easy to use

    Accessible through the web (PC or mobile devices), you do not need to install any hardware or software.

    The storage of e-mail is automatic.

    Web interface is simple and intuitive: it does not require any training.

  • Compliant

    For your privacy, all email messages are encrypted using AES-256 standards before being archived.

    To be compliant with the major data security standards, we make all archived email messages tamper-proof by adding a timestamp and a digital signature